Cypress in and out - testing all the things

Tobias Struckmeier & Ramona Schwering
Tobias Struckmeier & Ramona Schwering

October 5, 2022

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A workshop on testing with Cypress - As full deep dive.
NG-DE 2022
Javascript Days 2022
Javascript Days 2023


We will briefly review some basic principles and patterns that can be used to counter unstable tests and which problems can even be traced back to shortcomings of the application.

As cypress allows extensive request handling we will introduce into testing and mocking of requests. Building on this knowledge we explain how to implement API testing with cypress. Finally, tests over multiple domains in cypress are possible. So we dive into cypress approach discuss the challenges.

We give some suggestions on how to structure and organize your tests in order to retain your overview even in larger projects. How do I test if my application also looks correctly? We cover this with Visual Regression Test and show how a free platform can simplify the handling.

Finally, for component and library developers we explain component testing. The steps to get Cypress into an automatic build pipeline are essential and therefore last part of our workshop.